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When we clean carpets, curtains and upholstery our aim is to achieve the best possible results.  In addition to the visual appearance, we aim to ensure that whatever we clean is left fresh and hygienically clean as well.

We set very exacting standards for ourselves but, we realise that we are judged by the customers standards and not our own.  We are happy to offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and will do everything in our power to achieve this.  We have many years experience and a huge amount of knowledge to help us achieve our goals and those of the customer.

Deep Carpet / Rug Cleaning by fully qualified experts:

We use two main methods for cleaning carpets and both are approved by leading Woollen Mills in the UK and beyond. Conventional Hot water Extraction allows for the deepest clean possible and only market leading equipment and solutions that are safe to all, including pets, are used. This ensures the best possible results and potential problems such as shrinkage and soil attracting residues, are all but eliminated.  During the process, we will move all furniture that can be safely moved and we will protect the carpet from any possible dye transference, by using plastic tabs under the feet or by using blue blocks.  These, when used, should be left in place for approximately twenty four hours to ensure the carpet is fully dry and not touch dry.

In some situations, where circumstances permit and in the the commercial setting, a low moisture system can be used for carpet cleaning. This system delivers outstanding results and will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and the carpets will be ready to be walked on in as short a time as possible. This system often appeals to those with young families.  Every situation is assessed and discussed fully with the client.

Area rugs will be cleaned on site but any special precations needed will be taken to protect the surounding floor area.
Deep Carpet/Rug Cleaning in Falkirk

Upholstery Cleaning:

Upholstery Cleaning in Edinburgh

Upholstery Cleaning in Edinburgh. Upholstery cleaning takes place on site. The method employed will be dictated by the fibre(s) involved. Again, only WoolSafe products are used.  These products are fully tested to ensure they perform to the highest standard and are completely safe for all the occupants of the household. The aim is to return the suite or soft furnishing to show room condition, although, wear and tear cannot be repaired.

Stain Removal:

Having been trained in Advanced Spot and Stain removal , we carry a huge range of specialist spotting agents which, combined with our knowledge and experience, means that only stains which have changed the original colour of the carpet yarns, cannot be removed.

These are effectively permanent spots and/or stains.  Some stains require a lot of time and effort to remove but we will never give up until we are completely sure that nothing more can be done.  Thankfully, the majority of stains can be removed using the correct solutions coupled with effort and experience.

Odour removal:

Odour removal in West Lothian

This is a specialist area in which we have specialised for some time. From eliminating urine salts to bacteria and mold, we have the equipment and solutions for the job.

Different odour sources provide different challenges but by using the correct solutions and the correct equipment, including a water claw, the majority of odour problems can be eliminated and not simply masked.  In extreme cases, replacing the carpet and underlay may be required and any floorboards scrubbed.

Stone floor restoration:

We are fully trained in stone floor restoration including polishing and sealing marble and granite etc. Tile and grout can also be cleaned and sealed.

Only top of the line Nu-Life and Tilemaster products are used.

Leather Cleaning:

Leather is, like your skin, porous. This allows dirt to penetrate into the leather of your suite. After a thorough vacuum, a leather cleaner is used to de-clog the pores and to clean the leather . The leather is then fed to replenish the natural oils and to redress the moisture balance. This keeps the leather supple and in tip top condition. As a final stage, a protector is applied to guard against dye transference, stains or spillages.

Curtain Cleaning:

Curtain Cleaning in Falkirk. Cleaned in situ, all loose soiling is removed by thoroughly vacuuming the curtains using a water filtered vacuum cleaner. Thereafter, dry cleaning solvents are used to clean, deoderise and leave the curtains clean and fresh.

Mattress Cleaning:

Mattresses are steam cleaned to remove stains (where possible) and to extract, sweat, urine etc. Biological stains such as urine and blood can be further treated to leave the mattress hygienically clean. In addition, dust mites can be eliminated and a protective coating applied to ensure dust mites cannot survive for approximately twelve months after treatment.

See the video below for an example of how quickly and effectively we can clean a dirty mattress.

Infection Control and Biohazard waste management:

All surfaces can and do harbour bacteria and viruses.  In the past we have seen how SARS affected people and now in recent times, we have/are experiencing Coronavirus - Sars-Cov2 which results in the disease Covid-19.  There are a number of products available that will kill all know bacteria and virus'.  At Aquatec, we use the most suitable product for the given environment.  All the solutions are safe to use and they all have a kill rate of 99.9999% or Log kill 6 (Hospital grade).  The kill time is on contact and offers residual efficacy.  This gives people great peace of mind in their homes and workplaces.

Dust Mite Elimination:

Dust Mite EliminationFor anyone that suffers from allergies, dust mite can be the bane of their lives. At Aquatec, we can eliminate dust mites from all soft furnishings (carpets, curtains, upholstery, and mattresses) giving twelve months relief to sufferers. To this end, we use Pro-Mite products.

Pest Infestations:

The law requires anyone who applies an insecticide in any property, other than their own, to have undertaken a recognised and approved training course. At Aquatec, we have been trained by Chemspec Europe in the identification of household pests and the application of insecticide. From moths to carpet beetles, we can help.

Dust Mite Elimination

Fabric Protector:

Fabric Protector - Aquatec Cleaning Group

At Aquatec we use Guardsman stain protector to safeguard all soft furnishings from spillages. Guardsman is the industry leader and gives five years protection to your valuable carpets and upholstery.

There are many protectors available but none offer the same level or length of protection as Guardsman. Be sure what you are paying for.

There is the added bonus that by applying a protector, carpets/Rugs, upholstery etc. Will stay cleaner longer by simply vacuuming at regular intervals.

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