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Victorian Tiles Cleaning, Marble & Stone Floor Restoration, Edinburgh

Stone Floor Restoration Edinburgh

We Clean, Polish and Seal all of the following:






Quarry Tiles

Grout Lines


Yorkstone Flags

Victorian Tiles



In the case of Marble and Travertine, they can be polished to a high glass finish before sealing or, to a honed natural finish prior to sealing. In addition, there are different finishes that can be achieved from high gloss, light sheen to matt.

At Aquatec Cleaning Group we have invested heavily in industry leading training from Nu-Life Stonecare and Tilemaster, as well as specialist and top of the range equipment. We also use Nu-Life and Tilemaster products and solutions and this gives us a competitive advantage over the majority of other companies. Nu-Life products are all manufactured in-house by their own chemist and are tried and tested thoroughly before release to the trade market. Similarly, Tilemaster products are produced by chemists at the forefront of the stonecare industry. They are recognised as being the leading company's in the UK for training and products.

In addition, to using TileMaster products, we have recently undergone advanced stone care training with them.  Tilemaster also produce industry leading products and equipment but their methods are open to all.  This gives us a real advantage when dealing withg customers stone floors and offers the best possible results.

With Karndean and Amtico , we can clean, remove any residue build up and then apply a seal.  The seal can by gloss or matt and will restore your floor to look like it did the day it was laid. 

There are many stone floors in Edinburgh and the Lothian’s that need professional and expert care to maintain them at their best. Many examples of Victorian tile entrance halls can be seen around town looking much the worse for wear. This neglect can be remedied with the correct knowledge, experience, equipment and most importantly, the correct solutions.

Stone (and grout) cleaning generally requires the use of chemicals. Often, the wrong chemicals are used and this has the effect of making the stone look worse than at the beginning. Those involved in Stone Floor Restoration, therefore, need to know how certain chemicals react with certain stones. This can be illustrated when acid is poured on Marble which is made up of Calcium Carbonate. The acid will bubble and fizz and produces a dull etch mark . The acid broke the bond between the Calcium and the carbonate and produced Calcium Chloride and Carbon Dioxide. I mention this as you should always employ the services of a properly and fully trained professional or you can risk damage to your stone floor.

Stone floors, table tops or any other stone surface can suffer from stains. The rule of thumb here is that the longer the stain is allowed to remain, the deeper it will penetrate into the stone and the harder it is to remove. As with carpets, some stains are harder to remove than others and some may be impossible to remove.

We offer cleaning services in West Lothian, cleaning services in Edinburgh , cleaning services in Falkirk , and in cleaning services in Ayrshire

The pictures below show how a high shine can be achieved on stone floors by using different diamond grits.  Starting at 120 grit or below if required, all the way through to 3,000 grit.  The results are amazing and give any room a huge boost.

Stages to achieve the finished floor

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